99th Infantry Division
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Assmann [99th ID]

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PostSubject: App-Assmann   App-Assmann EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 10:54 pm

Application process: Application - Shane
Current In-game Name: Assmann

Age: I have no age

Last Name: Assmann

Desired Realism name: Assmann

Previous Realism Experience? if yes, how long, and previous Units?: to many to list. I have played for about a year.

Why are you joining the 99th? because I want to be a part of an active realism unit.

Do you have a Mic? indeed I do.

Special Skills: I am skilled in the art of combat. and a good leader.

Lastly, what should the 99th expect from you? leadership, hard work, activeness, and brownies
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PostSubject: Re: App-Assmann   App-Assmann EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 11:06 pm


Dear Assmann,

Thank you for taking an interest in the 99th Infantry Division. I am proud to give you the good news that you have been accepted into the unit, you will first head of to the Recruit Depot where you will find your avatar and all necessary information about being a Private in this Division. You will then head off to Training where you will be tested not just in your skill with your weapon but your honor, integrity, discipline, respect and maturity. Shortly after training you will be assigned to a platoon then placed into a squad.
Change your name to Pvt. Assmann [99th ID]

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